You Should Know About… Race Car Hearts

After discovering Race Car Hearts due to being asked to review their début EP Tender/Violent, it became apparent that the band needed shouting about, because their music is brilliant and there is clearly something big here.

OK, so first of all, the EP itself. Tender/Violent is not the sort of title that inspires the greatest confidence, and EPs are generally used to see if an album is worth commissioning, and as a result aren’t generally heard of much. But if this is the kind of music that is being produced, then a direct appeal to the record label might be in order. The best track on it is ‘Mother Midnight’ (embedded below), strangely indie and twisted, yet hauntingly beautiful and powerful sounding, it’s like someone is appealing directly to a huge deity.

Committing the cardinal sin in rock, Race Car Hearts have covered ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, the legendary Nirvana track. However, if you have the music on in the background, you wouldn’t instantly know it was ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, not until the ‘hello’ lyrics, at least. It is that different – albeit the vocal line is approximately similar.

Now usually a huge groan is expressed when a new indie band tries to make themselves known, however because of the mix of classical and indie with electro and synth components, it is difficult to find comparable examples in popular music, and that is something quite extraordinary. Perhaps one could say that Race Car Hearts are like the Imogen Heap of the indie-rock world – impulsive and emotive music, that is also uniquely attractive.


As for the band themselves – though not really ‘a band’ according to their website – it is, ‘the creative guise for English singer/songwriter Chris Perrin’, but lists Ben Chisham, Rob Wilmshurst and Andy Sturges, amongst a list of eight other contributors, which sounds like a rather crowded recording session. The blog section is very Chris Perrin-heavy, but as the centre of the group that kind of makes sense, and gives the impression that he, along with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals, Lost Prophets), came up with a series of musical ideas and got different artists in to work on them, thus creating this maelstrom of music.

Funky, indie-genre music doesn’t usually come this good, and hasn’t for a long time. We can’t wait to see what is next for these guys.

Tender/Violent is available to buy from Amazon or iTunes.

Pictures taken from the band’s Facebook page

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