Video Review: One Direction – Kiss You

Over the last two years, One Direction have gone on to become the most internationally successful X Factor act since Leona Lewis. Monday saw the release of their second video, ‘Kiss You’, from their sophomore album, Take Me Home. This is more of the same of what we’ve seen from the five boys before: a light-hearted romp set to yet another perfectly crafted boy-band pop song.

The ‘Kiss You’ video mostly takes place on a mock-video shoot and features the boys goofing off in front of a green screen. Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall pretend to ride motorcycles, snow-ski, and surf the waves, while presumably some video director somewhere is pulling their hair out as the boys continue to waste expensive studio time. Obviously this is a light-hearted affair, and it is surely a highlight of the week for One Direction’s targeted fan base.

Would it be nice to see One Directions creative team branch out and do something a bit more interesting or innovative? Perhaps, but it doesn’t really matter. This video was directed by Vaughan Arnell (Spice Girls, George Michael, Robbie Williams), who worked on two previous One Direction videos, and it shows. It also mirrors the fact that the song was written by the same team responsible for hits like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Live While We’re Young’. It doesn’t matter that at this point all their videos and songs are starting to look and sound the same, the tweenage girls are still eating it all up. We’re sure the sight of the five boys in their swimming trunks pretending to surf will have also had a small hand in getting the video over 3,350,000 views in less than 24 hours after being released.

Our favourite bit of the video, however, comes at the very end when Zayn playfully plants a big kiss on Harrys cheek. Awww.

Download Kiss You on Amazon or iTunes.

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