Out4Marriage launched to support campaign for equal marriage

A new online campaign has been launched backing calls for equal marriage in the UK. Out4Marriage, with the full backing of So So Gay, aims to build on the success of the US It Gets Better project which encouraged celebrities, politicians and members of the public to post and share videos on why they support in LGBT equality.

The new online campaign is being led by Channel 4 news correspondent Benjamin Cohen and founder of the Coalition for Equal Marriage, Mike Buonaiuto, who hope social media can raise the profile of marriage equality following more than 500,000 Brits signing a petition opposing the move. Prime Minister David Cameron has said he hopes to introduce the legislation during this parliament, but has faced significant opposition from within the Conservative Party and some religious groups, who think the change would undermine marriage. The proposal was absent from today’s Queen’s speech.

Equalities minister, Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone, says in her video that she fully backs same sex marriage: “I think its just amazing that people love each other enough to commit to a lifelong vow, ’til death do part’. That should be exactly the same whether you’re straight or gay and that’s why I’m out4marriage.”

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, wife to Ed Balls, said: “The state and society should value the long-term commitment, and celebrate it for same-sex people, and that’s why I am out4marriage.” But the Labour MP also argued the government is wrong to ban religious groups from being able to recognise same-sex marriages and should allow religions open to the change to carry out same-sex ceremonies.

Amongst other backers of the online campaign, managing director of Gay Time and Diva magazines, Kim Watson, former gay London mayor contender Brian Paddick and lesbian Rabbi Ariel Friedlander. Actor and commentator Stephen Fry also tweeted his more than four million followers telling them it was a “great new campaign to support #EqualMarriage”.

The government’s consultation on changes to marriage remains open, and there’s still time to add your support.

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