Track Review: The Saturdays – ‘My Heart Takes Over’ | So So Gay magazine

Polydor, released 14 November

We loved The Saturdays’ last single ‘All Fired Up’ which peaked at number three on the UK singles chart. B=Now they’ve followed it up with ‘My Heart Takes Over’, preceding their third full (and fourth overall) studio album, On Your Radar, which is out 21 November. ‘My Heart Takes Over’ is a mid-tempo pop ballad that offers a stark contrast to the energetic house dance vibe of ‘All Fired Up’, but unfortunately seems quite bland in comparison.

While credit must be given to the girls for their strong voices (especially in comparison to the vocally weaker Girls Aloud), at the end of the middle eight, the unnecessary shouting of the first note actually seems oddly well-placed – as if they consciously want to try to wake us up from having dozed off halfway through. The verses are sung softly and accompanied by a sombre instrumental before the chorus kicks in with all five of them chipping in and a heavier beat you could at least attempt to sway to in a club. Yet it’s the very the fact that ‘My Heart Takes Over’ was given the ‘dance genre’ element rather being allowed to be a proper ballad, that makes us feel that the girls’ usual edginess is lost on this comparably dull song.

It’s hard to picture most girl groups as serious contenders for having good ballads in their back catalogues, particularly when we are used to the majority of them, The Saturdays included, releasing great up-tempo club bangers and floor-fillers. The Saturdays however, prove they are not half bad at doing so, but while ‘My Heart Takes Over’ is better than previous ballads ‘Issues’ and ‘Missing You’, it is regrettable that they are just not as exciting when they’re not being fun.

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