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We were not huge fans of One Direction’s last single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. However, as predicted, it was a huge success for the ever-popular boy band, ultimately reaching number one. Now they’ve followed it up with the mid-tempo ballad ‘Gotta Be You’, which is out on 14 November, shortly followed by their debut album Up All Night a week later. Considering the boys’ increasingly large fan base, it’s undoubtedly going to be just as a big a hit, if not more so than ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Similarly to their debut single though, ‘Gotta Be You’ fails to make a memorable impression.

While other current boy bands have found their niche – JLS securing the more urban market and The Wanted covering the pop-rock and dance genres – One Direction seem to fill the gap of bland but lovable pop music. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it really makes us miss the good old days of more interesting boy bands such as 5ive and Blue.

‘Gotta Be You’ is a strings-driven track with guitars and drums thrown in during the chorus – probably just so you don’t get bored after the verses, during which the boys grovel to a girl who they messed up with and want to do anything they can to win her back. The chorus simply consists of the repetitive line ‘It’s gotta be you/Only you’ (and the boys showing off their falsetto), coupled with the annoying ‘hey, hey, hey’ chanted monotonously in the background. Surely bound to get on your nerves, but also hard to get out of your head. The middle eight is a rather unimaginative, sloppy mess, with the swooning lines ‘Girl can we try one more, one more time/Can we try one more, one more time/I’ll make it better’. If a desperate wrongdoer sang such a dull ditty to us, it definitely would NOT make us want to take them back.

‘Gotta Be You’ will sit well within the scope of flavourless but popular music of the moment and is sure to keep their vast legion of ‘Directioners’ happy and screaming in excitement. Unfortunately, as far as musically mature and diverse boy bands go, One Direction are still well below the bar. Remember, good looks can only get you so far.

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