Track review: Lloyd Daniels – Suburbian Girl | So So Gay magazine

It’s taken him a while to release any material since being on the X Factor back in 2009 (the Year of Jedward), but now dishy Lloyd Daniels, the sixth series’ fifth runner-up, is finally releasing his debut single, ‘Suburbian Girl’, reportedly at the end of the month. ‘Suburbian Girl’ is a reggae-influenced, mid-tempo pop track that is reminiscent of Peter Andre’s ‘Mysterious Girl’, except it’s less of a guilty pleasure. While it has definite commercial, radio-friendly appeal, it is not the most exciting of songs.

In it, Lloyd woos a girl with his smooth and sexy voice, telling her, ‘When I’m with you it’s sweet paradise’, and later, ‘You make the sun shine, you make the moon light’ and ‘You’re my saving grace, a ray of sunshine through the haze’. Although the song is easy on the ears – just as Lloyd himself is easy on the eyes – it doesn’t end up sounding as good as he looks.

‘Suburbian Girl’ could have easily been a fresh, laid-back summer hit if released earlier in the year, but it does seem slightly out of place in the colder months. Having gained a rather large following (especially from the gay community) since his appearance on X Factor, Lloyd should be able to fare pretty well, however, if given enough coverage. Though he may not be lucky enough to quite match the success of Olly Murs, despite his potential and talent being just as great, perhaps at least overtaking the little success poor Joe McElderry has accumulated for himself is not too far out of reach.

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