Track review: David Guetta ft. Jennifer Hudson – ‘Night Of Your Life’ | So So Gay

French DJ and producer David Guetta has seemingly never failed to create a song that hasn’t lit up the clubs and the charts, and it seems ‘Night Of Your Life’ could help continue his run of success. Featuring R&B powerhouse Jennifer Hudson on vocals, ‘Night Of Your Life’ has recently been released as a promotional single from his upcoming fifth studio album ‘Nothing But The Beat’, out 29 August.

The song’s 20-second intro sounds like subdued trance music and feels slightly out of place before its addictive and thumping – although slightly repetitive – beat comes in. However, it’s not until the blaring chorus kicks in that the song really heats up, despite the striking similarities to Rihanna’s hit ‘Only Girl In The World’. The lyrics are at first defiant and independent-minded: ‘My love ain’t easy/You gon’ have to put in some work/You can’t buy me a drink thinking I’mma fall for your flirt’. Then in the chorus: ‘Love me/Baby, treat me right/Make it eternity and not only one night/If you love ’til the end of time/Then I will promise you the night of your life’ – again, reminiscent of ‘Only Girl’ but as lyrics to dance songs are usually given the back seat, this can be forgiven.

J-Hud, who is better known for her heartfelt and soul-enriched ballads, shows us that her powerful voice is versatile enough to handle more up-tempo tracks as well. She effortlessly belts out the chorus without overdoing it, proving why she is one of today’s best new singers but also begging the question why she is still so underrated as an artist overall.

While it is perhaps not one of his best or most creative songs, and lacks the individuality and ingenuity of the album’s first two official singles ‘Where Them Girls At’ and ‘Little Bad Girl’, ‘Night Of Your Life’ – which sticks closer to Guetta’s original house music roots – is by no means bad. It could still be a club and radio-friendly hit, and Hudson’s guest appearance as the vocalist on this track should give the singer’s profile a positive boost.

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