Introducing… Nadia Nair

Just as us Brits can be relied upon to complain about the weather even when it’s season appropriate, those talented Swedes are usually a safe bet when it comes to producing magnificent pop music. This has caused them to become the world’s third largest music exporters, behind only ourselves and the USA.

Step forward the latest artist to join the mighty Swedish pop army. Nadia Nair is a fresh-faced 24-year-old from Gothenburg, and has been pursuing her musical dream since the age of four. Being born to a Swedish father and a Malaysian mother gave her the privilege of speaking fluent Swedish and English. It became evident to Nadia’s friends and family that she was meant for the limelight, though she started her musical journey, like many other children, through the violin. However, she felt more inclined to pursue her singing, and at 15 years old Nadia decided it was time to focus solely on her own music.

What followed were years of trial and error. She packed her bags and travelled to Stockholm to follow her dream, but her collaborations didn’t bring her to the musical heights she expected. Nadia felt defeated and retreated to the countryside of her childhood home on the west coast where she locked herself away for a year. Being close to her childhood haunts and instruments brought new songs and energies to life, and when embarking on the next journey in the summer of 2012, she finally met her musical soul-mate in the shape of songwriter and producer Victor Rådström. Together they have designed the soundtrack to Nadia’s musical dreams. Nair and Rådström are currently writing and producing her forthcoming EP, set for an early 2013 release and including Nair’s fabulous début single, ‘Bon Voyage’ (embedded at the end of this post).

She’s been on the radar of several publishers and record-companies in Sweden for a couple of years, but turned them all down because at the time she didn’t feel she had found the right sound and expression for her music. Sweden’s biggest music magazine, Gaffa, wrote that Nadia is an artist to keep your eyes and ears open for. With her own, very individual vocal style, Nadia Nair fearlessly weaves together many diverse influences blending rock, soul, western pop, classical music and a wide range of ethnic and folk sources. It certainly generates an emotive and striking sound.

Nair has a mesmerising tone with a rich lower register that sets her apart from many of her contemporaries. When combined with the marvellously polished production by producer Rådström, it becomes clear that the pair are a match made in musical heaven. If ‘Bon Voyage’ is indicative of the quality of the material the duo are creating for Nair’s début EP, then we don’t mind saying now that it’s sure to be a musical highlight of 2013.

For more information visit Nadia’s Facebook and SoundCloud pages.

Bon Voyage is available to download now from Amazon and iTunes.

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