Geek Pride Manchester to honour Alan Turing

As part of the Manchester Pride celebrations taking place on 25 August 2012, members of Manchester’s vibrant digital community will be honouring Alan Turing with a walking entry into the Pride parade. The group, who are working in partnership with Manchester Digital Laboratory (or MadLab), want to celebrate the achievements of Turing from both a LGBT and geek perspective, encouraging people from any background or sexuality to get involved.

During the Second World War, Turing worked at Bletchley Park code breaking centre where he invented the machine which solved the problem of the German Enigma naval code. In 1952, Turing was convicted for having a sexual relationship with a man and was forced to take oestrogen therapy or go to prison as punishment. On 8 June 1954, Turing committed suicide, aged 41.

Geek Pride Manchester told us; ‘Today, 100 years after his birth, we live in a society which simply could not have been enabled without this man’s incredible insight, ability and vision. Alan, arguably, was the ‘Geekfather’. Geek Pride is arranging a walking entry into the Pride parade to honour Alan Turing’s memory, celebrate his achievements and recognise both his LGBT and ‘geek’ identity. We want to include as many people as possible in making this happen from the Manchester geek community and beyond. We’re working with MadLab to help make this happen.’

For more information about Geek Pride Manchester, you can visit their website at or follow them on Twitter: @geekpridemcr

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