Episode Review: Miranda Series 3 – The Dinner Party

Miranda and Co are back for another week of fun, mayhem, and good hearted dysfunction in this weeks episode of Miranda Hart’s self titled sitcom, Miranda.

The comedy this week came from a very recognisable quandary that we think many of our readers may well appreciate it, that is the fresh hell of the Dinner Party with friends and relatives. Considering Miranda’s proven track record with chaos and the sort of friends who would not look too out of place in an asylum, we were all geared up for a festival of foolery and the chance to finally meet the father of Miranda’s new man friend Michael. The pressure was heightened even further by the fact that Miranda has been trying very hard to maintain a more adult persona, so as not to drive her new beau away. Not surprisingly however this was not quite as easy for our dear Miranda as she would have hoped.

The episode as a whole was a solid package of comedy, which saw Miranda’s inner child and adult at war and trying as ever to fit in with the world around her, but always being a bit too awkwardly shaped to manage it. This led to our picture of grace and responsibility ending up at the top of a children’s play centre, caught in a tube and going commando down a slide into a ball pit. The laughs come thick and fast and they only got better as the episode wore on. Our girl was forced to try and navigate the nightmare of cooking for all her friends and extended family. We applauded ourselves when we saw her give in to temptation and bolt to her nearest M&S to pick up the remaining ingredients – if only because we would have done exactly the same thing.

In a rare shift however, we thought that Miranda may have been upstaged this week by her motley crew, particularly by her increasingly drunken mother Penny. Patricia Hodge has always been a hilarious addition to this strong cast, but this week saw her reach a new level of posh crassness, in a war of slurred words with Michaels father, the unfortunately named Valerie. Finally, as the night wore on to its more than satisfying conclusion, we were thrilled to see that power couple Miranda and Michael – or Miracle as we established last week – survived the night, and seem stronger than ever, even whilst having the mother of all foam fights in the kitchen. Such Fun!

The one downside we had with this episode, is the foreboding sense that once again things might be moving too fast for what is still a new couple. Let us be frank, they met in the first episode, dated and kissed in the second and now declared their love in episode three. We are not even half way through the series, and we are wondering if we might be seeing an early engagement, marriage and bitter divorce before the series concludes. On that subject as well, we got a small hint from long time friend/potential love interest Gary that he still has feelings for Miranda, and his look of sadness as they kissed was enough to make us all think the same thing … ‘Oh oh’.

Altogether it was a episode which was well done and executed with class as always. Was it as good as last week? Probably not, but the humour was still high quality and when we weren’t laughing, we were cheering, as once again Miranda puts out yet another fine episode. We just hope that they take their foot off the gas in this relationship a little more next week, it’s getting a bit silly now, and not in a very funny Miranda-esque way.

Miranda will next be on our screens at 9.00pm on Monday 14 January on BBC One

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