Coalition For Equal Marriage produce film to promote change

It came as a surprise to some when the Conservative party – normally known for promoting ‘traditional family values’ and previously responsible for such anti-gay legislation as Section 28 – raised the prospect of redefining UK civil marriage to include same-sex couples as a campaign pledge before the election. Sure enough, they’ve been true to their word and now we face the prospect of joining our heterosexual cousins in being able to officially tie the knot.

That said, the result is not yet guaranteed, and the press has been rife with anti-gay vitriol – notably from more hardcore sections of the church – at the prospect of gay marriage. To ensure that our message is heard, the Coalition for Equal Marriage has commissioned a film – shown below – to rally support for the cause and highlight the need for change.

The short film shows British forces returning home from duty, greeting their loved ones. The happiness of one soldier when reunited with his partner quickly turns into a surprise marriage proposal. The underlying message behind the film argues that if everyone has the right to serve in British military regardless of sexuality, then surely similarly we should be able celebrate our love and commitment with civil marriage.

Speaking about the film, director Mike Buonaiuto says, ‘There’s something you can only get from film which you can’t get from facts, figures and statistics – emotion’. He continues by highlighting the emotional weight of the argument, ‘The equal marriage debate is an argument fuelled with strong emotions, mainly love, so we produced a touching film to help people connect with the issues on a deeper level.’


To ensure that the message of marital equality is heard, the Coalition For Equal Marriage is asking people to support the campaign by signing sign the their petition at

So So Gay will be providing further coverage of the campaign to allow same-sex couples to marry over the coming weeks, and in the meantime you can support the campaign on twitter with the hashtag #equalmarriage

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