Charlotte Church announces EP ‘TWO’

Charlotte Church proved herself the unlikely critics choice of 2012. Having been written off as a has-been, the Welsh songstress, once hailed as the ‘Voice Of An Angel’, had let her halo slip during her tempestuous teens, but all that changed in 2012 with the unveiling of the first in her series of five exploratory EPs – ONE. Far from predictable pop, or a return to her operatic routes, Church’s determined effort was a delicious slice of ethereal honesty.

Instead of being slammed and panned, Church’s release was heaped with unanimous praise. While references were inevitably made to her earlier efforts, the focus centred on her unusual path selection. Instead of playing for public appraisal, she instead released a statemented EP full of artistic integrity. Hailing comparisons to the well respected Bjork, Florence Welch and Tori Amos, Church hit the road and once again proved riotously popular in her new direction and sound.

As Christmas arrived, Jonathan Ross invited Church to début her latest single, and initial offering from the recently announced second EP – TWO. ‘Glitterbombed’ once again left audiences astounded. The precocious prodigy turned troublesome teen had flowered into a sensational powerhouse of artpop.

While Church is States-bound for SXSW, she is clearly relishing creative control of her career as she looks forward to the release of TWO on 4 March.

For those who live in Wrexham, there is one added bonus: Ms Church will be playing ‘Focus Wales’ on 25 April. You lucky souls!

‘Glitterbombed’ is available to download now from Amazon and iTunes.

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