Singles Of The Week (14 January 2013)

With January well under way now, there’s no turning back from 2013. Just last week, this year’s BRIT nominations were announced so the music calendar is starting off on a high. Back to this week and we have a fresh crop of music releases for your perusal. In the mix this week is the return of American rapper 50 Cent who has teamed up again with his mentor Eminem, as well as bringing in the vocal talents of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Completing the line-up are three UK bands: electro pop duo Monarchy whose latest single features burlesque star Dita Von Teese, Reading-based indie rockers Teleman, and finally London-based band Plastique.

‘Disintegration (featuring Dita Von Teese)’ by Monarchy (Rating: **)

Reviewed by Scott McMullon

It’s hard to get really invested in a single like ‘Disintegration’, the latest offering from the dynamic Electro duo of Monarchy. On the one hand it has an effective hook which manages to draw you in, it has an elegant melody, and it even has a gimmick with the inclusion of sultry vixen Dita von Teese. However, on the other hand it never seems to get any better than being merely mediocre, and left us thinking that this moody-yet-erotic little track had less impact than particularly good lift music.

It’s not that we’re not a fan of this kind of music, and Monarchy has always delivered very well consistently, however when you examine ‘Disintegration’ more closely it’s a little less than thrilling. The melody starts off strong and had a rich enveloping flavour that seemed to promise of something unique and special on the way. Unfortunately, the opening seemed to drag on for far too long, which left us in a state of anticipation with no pay off.

The inclusion of Dita Von Teese in the music was a good gamble, and the burlesque star was even able to add a terrific mix of glamour and sexual energy to the proceedings. The problem though is that she just doesn’t have quite enough ‘va va voom’ in her to save this rather stark track from being decidedly forgettable. We were also disappointed when we realised just how heavily distorted von Teese’s voice was which made her sound almost like a digital radio on the blink. Ultimately it is a just a waste of something which could have been good, and left us wondering why they bothered to use Dita von Teese at all if we couldn’t not recognise her even remotely in the delivery.

‘Disintegration’ isn’t a bad track, it just doesn’t have enough to make it stand out against a wealth of much better and more enthralling songs on the market right now. It does however have a decent elemental energy to it that manages to enthrall you, even if it looses you quickly by never really going anywhere. In some ways it almost felt like a track you hear on the come down after a good night out. It’s relaxing while at the same time dripping with a strong disco beat which makes you want to mellow out and reflect on an evening’s misadventures. However there are far better songs that you can listen to for that, and as such this offering from Monarchy has left us feeling a little bit cheated.

While there are a couple of good points that make ‘Disintegration’ feel interesting, they are outweighed by the bad points which make you wonder where the last few minutes went, and kicking yourself for wasting them. Better luck next time Monarchy!

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