Coalition for Equal Marriage launches petition to support gay marriage

Lord Carey this week told us what he thinks of same-sex marriage, and launched an website with petition called Coalition for Marriage to back up his argument.

But supporters of equal marriage are already fighting back and an opposing site has been launched for those who agree with changing the law. The Coalition for Marriage Equality has already attracted several hundred signatures but has quite a way to go to catch up on the lead gained by Carey and friends.

Head over to to add your name to the supporters list, and send out a tweet with #c4em to spread the word.


You should know about… Happy Endings | So So Gay magazine

‘The new Friends’ is a tagline that gets applied to several new shows every season, but very few ever live up to those dizzy heights. Following a group of six friends in Chicago, Happy Endings doesn’t quite do it, but it could be the closest we’re ever going to get.

The series opens with quirky blonde Alex leaving childhood sweetheart Dave at the altar. The rest of the wedding party consists of Alex’s sister, down to earth Jane, and her husband Brad; Dave and Brad’s mutual best friend and central gay character Max and Alex’s bff, the delightfully off-beat and totally a-mah-zing Penny.

Max is everyones favourite gay character on TV right now, more realistic than anyone we’ve seen in eight seasons of Will & Grace. He’s not camp, needy, or overly buff. He’s the kind of gay I wish all my friends were more like. When he falls for the perfect guy towards the end of the second season, you’ll be cringing at Max trying to find his flaws and end it with Grant, but this show is full of surprises.

And there’s Penny. She should be the most annoying character with her habit of shortnening words (a-mah-zing!) and falling for a new Mr Wrong every single episode, but she’s a firm favourite. As established in one of the first episodes, she IS the stereotypical gay-best-friend. And her mother is Megan Mullally! What’s not to love?

There’s no annoying everlasting storylines (I’m thinking about Ross and Rachel’s are-they-aren’t-they relationship here), ridiculously massive apartments for people who appear to have no jobs or massive guest stars (Fred Savage excepted) but you’ll quickly come to consider the whole gang very dear friends.



The Spice Girls have announced a musical based on their music, exactly sixteen years after the release of their first single, ‘Wannabe’. Posing for photographs in front of the stairs at St Pancras Hotel, where the video was filmed, they were joined by writer Jennifer Saunders and producer Judy Craymer, who was behind the hit Mamma Mia!

The musical will tell the story of talent-show contestant Viva and her family. It runs at the Picadilly Theatre from 27 November, with tickets on sale from £27 each.


Confirmed – no street closures or outside drinking in Soho over Pride London | So So Gay magazine

Yesterday it was announced that the Pride London WorldPride parade was to be significantly scaled down. Today we can confirm that the Met will be strictly enforcing licensing rules in Soho on the day. The following statement has been issued, confirming that no events take place in Soho and all celebrations are expected to take place within licensed premises.

‘This is to notify you that there will be no official World Pride events taking place in Soho on Saturday the 7th of July.’

‘Licensing regulations will be that of any normal day. The event in Golden Square has been cancelled and World Pride will have no official activities in Soho. We do expect the day’s celebrations to continue within licensed premises and for Soho to be very busy.’

‘Westminster City Council’s Premises Licence which coversthe public highway areas in Soho is not being utilised on this day, therefore no Licensable Activities can take place on the public highway.’


CNN’s Anderson Cooper confirms he is gay | So So Gay magazineSo So Gay

Anderson Cooper, host of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° and daytime talk show Anderson has allowed to be revealed for the first time in public that he is gay.

There have long been rumours and it has been thought of an an open-secret. In 2007, Out magazine featured him and Jodie Foster on their cover under the headline ‘The Glass Closet – the stars who won’t come out and play’. Neither star complained about the feature.

Andrew Sullivan, a friend of Coopers for two decades, asked for his opinion on an Entertainment Weekly article noting a trend of celebrities coming out not in a blaze of publicity as in the past, but casually – as Zachary Quinto did last year. In an email response, which Cooper allowed to be published on The Daily Beast, he confirmed that

‘The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.’

‘I have always been very open and honest about this part of my life with my friends, my family, and my colleagues. In a perfect world, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, but I do think there is value in standing up and being counted. I’m not an activist, but I am a human being and I don’t give that up by being a journalist.’


Statement from Pride London regarding changes to WorldPride | So So Gay magazineSo So Gay

A number of statements were issued today by Pride London regarding changes to this weekends WorldPride event. The first, below, confirms that the chairman of the event, Dr Patrick Williams, has resigned.

Pride London is today announcing that long-standing board member Tony Hughes has taken over as Interim Chair of the charity. The appointment follows the resignation of Dr Patrick Williams but will not affect this weekend’s World Pride celebrations.

Dr Williams resigned from his position following criticism of the Board’s handing of World Pride 2012. The rest of the Board remains unchanged and committed to delivering an event London can be Proud of. As previously confirmed this will be a scaled-down event from the original plans.

Below, in full, is a statement from the Uwern Jong, Director of Communications at Pride London regarding changes to the event.

In the interest of transparency and addressing the varying stories, Pride London are keen to provide some much needed detail to the changes made to the WorldPride 2012 event.


Peter Tatchell threatened with ban from speaking at Pride London

Iconic gay-rights protester Peter Tatchell was threatened with a ban from speaking on the main stage at Pride London WorldPride, an event he has spoken at for almost every year of the events existence – and an event he helped found in 1972.

The Mayor’s office allegedly decreed that if Tatchell was to be invited to speak, then politicians from all parties should do so – despite the fact that he has never been elected into any office though he is a member of the Green Party.

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones raised the issue at Mayor’s Question Time today.

Peter posted on Facebook ‘At a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, the Mayor’s office allegedly told Pride London that I would not be allowed to speak in Trafalgar Sq at World Pride on Sat. They gave the impression that if I spoke City Hall authorisation for the rally could be withdrawn. If true, this borders on blackmail & political censorship.’

‘Consequently, Pride London said their long-standing invitation for me to speak was being withdrawn. They said they had no choice: If I spoke, the World Pride rally could be stopped by City Hall.’


London Gay Men’s Chorus Go East | So So Gay magazine

Here at So So Gay we are super big fans of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, Europe’s largest and best-known gay choir. We are thrilled to report, then, that they will be performing at The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton on Sunday 4 March in support of community HIV charity Positive East.

Positive East provides vital services to the individuals, families and communities of East London who have been affected by HIV. With over 36,000 people in London diagnosed with HIV (with an additional 9,000 estimated to be unaware of their positive status), a Health Protection Agency study has revealed that there are 5,600 people accessing HIV related care in East London alone.

The charity, which offers a unique holistic provision of welfare, housing, asylum and counselling support to HIV sufferers, is now working with over 40% of these East Londoners to ensure that their lives are as fulfilling as possible.

In support of the charity’s great work, LGMC has teamed up with Champagne Charlie to put on a one-off show called Positive Sounds. The show will include LGMC’s usual mix of musical excellent, warmth, humour and style as they tell stories of love through the ups and downs of every relationship. Alisdair Low, LGMC’s chairman, said: “We are delighted to be performing in support of Positive East. Our missions align perfectly; we both challenge social preconceptions and contribute to an enriched society.”.

100% of Positive East’s service users who participated in their 2009 survey felt that the charity had helped them to improve their ability to live well with HIV. A successful show on 4 March will ensure sufficient funds are raised so the charity can test 200 people, and follow this up with appropriate support to stay safe.


Episode Review: Smash Season 1 – The Coup | So So Gay magazine


The show continues to hold steady and the quality has not suffered following last weeks good performance.



Ellis’ character is beginning to grate, and they need to start doing more with him than being the duplicitous third party playing all the sides against each other.


Bottom Line:

4.0 / 5 – Very Good


Video of the Week: Disappointing Gay Best Friend | So So Gay magazine

At So So Gay we know what it takes to be a Gay Best Friend. We understand there’s a precedent that gays have to live up to: we’re supposed to be sassy and fashion-forward, bitchy and full of wit, charisma and charm. ‘Double entendre’ should be our middle name.

However, we also know we’re not all walking stereotypes – as Mikala discovers about her Gay Best Friend Tyler in this series of hilarious video shorts

We first stumbled over these clips about a year ago, and having recently rediscovered them, thought we’d share. Enjoy!