Peter Tatchell threatened with ban from speaking at Pride London

Iconic gay-rights protester Peter Tatchell was threatened with a ban from speaking on the main stage at Pride London WorldPride, an event he has spoken at for almost every year of the events existence – and an event he helped found in 1972.

The Mayor’s office allegedly decreed that if Tatchell was to be invited to speak, then politicians from all parties should do so – despite the fact that he has never been elected into any office though he is a member of the Green Party.

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones raised the issue at Mayor’s Question Time today.

Peter posted on Facebook ‘At a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, the Mayor’s office allegedly told Pride London that I would not be allowed to speak in Trafalgar Sq at World Pride on Sat. They gave the impression that if I spoke City Hall authorisation for the rally could be withdrawn. If true, this borders on blackmail & political censorship.’

‘Consequently, Pride London said their long-standing invitation for me to speak was being withdrawn. They said they had no choice: If I spoke, the World Pride rally could be stopped by City Hall.’

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