Matthew Mitcham warns Tom Daley on managing expectations | So So Gay magazine

Team GB diver and gold hopeful Tom Daley enthralled the nation with his LMFAO parody video recently, but his trainer was less keen, warning Daley that he needed to train three times as hard to keep up with the Chinese. Daley hit back stating that he trains hard, says no to the majority of invites and expectations should be lowered. Now he’s getting advice from the only openly-gay gold winner Matthew Mitcham who tells tom he ‘can’t have his cake and eat it‘.

Mitcham says ‘He does have a lot of pressure on him and I do feel a little bit sorry for him. But that’s what we do and that’s what a mature, experienced athlete does – they compete with various different external factors – environmental factors, pressure from within and pressure from outside. It’s the mark of a really good athlete.’

We’re already torn over who to cheer on during diving this summer – home grown Tom who we’ve seen evolve from awkward teenager to tanned strapping hero or the out-and-proud Mitcham who hasn’t let comments about his sexuality stop him from attracting top sponsorships and endorsements (not least from everyone’s favourite underwear brand, Aussiebum).

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