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If there’s one thing that gets on our tits about boybands it’s their constant dreary trickle of macho, especially as we all know, most boybands are at least 25%  homosexual (it’s the law). But what about a boyband where the party is more likely to end up in darkest Soho and you’re liable to wake the morning after with amnesia covered in glitter? Enter Mommie Dearest. Taking themselves about as seriously as the Flat Earth Society should, Sam, Lulu and Tom don’t appear to have much of a business plan asides from spreading chaos and camp wherever they go. Which suits us perfectly. So So Gay went to meet these crazy cray chaps.


SSG: So how was Mommie Dearest formed? Did you guys know each other from before?

Sam: Well me and Lulu had known each other for about 2 years and then we decided to hold auditions where we found Tom. We put out a lot of adverts on Facebook and asked around our friends.  It was lots of fun holding the auditions!

Lulu: We were  looking for someone who was a dancer as well as a singer. It’s also one of those things where when someone walks into the room you somehow clock who’s immediately right.

Tom: I was picked because I was the best!


As opposed to the more ‘rugged’ boybands out there like JLS and The Wanted, you’ve decided embrace a slightly more ‘glamorous’ side.

Sam: I think we wanted to be something different from the start.  We didn’t want to be the new conventional boyband.  The Wanted are good at what they do but it’s not what we’re about.  I don’t think any of us would be able to pull that of anyway, I mean look at us!

Lulu: We’re too…’out there’ for the straight boyband look.  I also think there are so many boybands already that are doing their thing. It was about doing what was ours.  We want to show how you can still be in a boyband without fitting the traditional mould.


What made you choose the name? Are you fans of the camp classic?

Sam: We decided on the name over our first dinner together.  Lots of names got jotted down over that eventful evening before we came up with the name based on things we’d watched and enjoyed.

Lulu: It’s a very camp, tongue-in-cheek movie and that suits us perfectly!

All three: No wire hangers!


If you had to sum up Mommie Dearest in one word, what would you pick?

Sam: (cackles) Just one word? I’d have to say…’wonderful’!  If I wasn’t being serious I’d say ‘awful’!

Lulu: I’d say…’different, yet indifferent’!

Tom: I don’t know it’s so hard! I’d say ‘In your face’ but that’s three words so I’d just have to say ‘face’!  Our tagline is probably ‘Run and hide while you still can!’


Apparently Louis Walsh is a fan of you chaps…

Lulu: He is? That’s great, especially if you think of all the acts that he’s worked with Westlife, Boyzone… Jedward…

Sam: Maybe with the gap in the market we can steal Westlife’s fans.

Tom: All of the screaming Mums and Nans!

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