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After the wettest April on record, and with May not looking like it’s going to be much better, what better time for So So Gay to cover everything international. We’ll be looking at the best holiday locations as well as the news and issues facing LGBT people around the world.

Another big international story this month is Eurovision. With the eyes of the world (well the eyes of Graham Norton at least) focussed on Baku, we’ll see whether Englebert Humperdinck can do what Scooch, Josh Dubovie and Blue failed to do; bring the trophy back to Britain. So So Gay is the place to be for all the coverage (don’t forget to check out our special Eurovision podcast too).

But there are still important stories back at home. The consultation on equal marriage is still going – and the campaign against it is vicious and strong. The fight is not over yet, with a shaky coalition government that still needs to get legislation through both houses of parliament. It’s more important than ever that you make your voice heard – watch the campaign video by C4EM, sign the petition and take part in the consultation.

As well as all our usual news, reviews, features and interviews , we’ll have our latest columns from Dan in France and Shiv in New York.  Plus this month we’ll have a special feature on campphobia – is it rife in the gay community?

So keep it So So Gay this May

Ade Bradley


p.s. My money’s on Jedward

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