So So Gay short-listed for Stonewall Publication of the Year Award | So So Gay magazine

So So Gay has been short-listed for the Stonewall Publication of the Year. Stonewall announced its nominees for its annual awards on Friday, listing So So Gay alongside People Management, the Nursing Standard, the Derby Telegraphand Guardian Weekend in the Publication of the Year Category. The winner will be announced at the Stonewall Awards on 3 November. Nominees for other categories include Matt Smith and Jessie J (Entertainer of the Year) and Alan Hollinghurst and Jodi Picoult (Writer of the Year). So So Gay interviewee Ruth Davidson garners a nomination for Politician of the Year.

Andy Wasley, So So Gay’s Editor-in-Chief said he was ‘delighted’ by the nomination. ‘It’s quite remarkable that we’ve grown from blog, to magazine, to award nominee in the space of just nine months. It’s a testament to our writers’dedication and talent that we’ve grown so quickly; it would have been inconceivable at the start of 2011 that we’d reach October with an award nomination and a string of high-profile news stories, features, comment pieces and interviews under our belt. It’s only down to our writing team that it’s been possible. We’re all volunteers, so it’s taken our spare time and effort to get this far – and we don’t begrudge a second of it.’

So So Gay started life as the personal blog of its founder, Caspar Aremi, in 2009. In 2010 he and Scott Elliott incorporated So So Gay Limited and set about creating a group blog. By the end of 2010, when Wasley joined as the site’s production editor, So So Gay was already pulling around 25,000 hits per month. Since rebranding as a magazine and setting up a full editorial management team under Wasley and deputy editor Colin Warriner, it has grown at a near-constant rate and has attracted praise from celebrities, charities and its readers. In July it was selected to be the official media sponsor of POUT, a national film tour organised by the UK’s largest distributor of LGBT films, Peccadillo Pictures.

‘POUT proved that our arts and culture content is top-notch,’ said Wasley. ‘We’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a cheeky, intelligent, cultured and edgy magazine, and that’s been very demanding for our writers – some of whom are new to journalism. Caspar, Scott, Colin and I are incredibly proud of what the whole team has achieved, and we’re very much looking forward to finding out if they’ll soon be able to say that they’re writing for an award-winning magazine.’

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