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We are, apparently, enjoying – if that’s the right word – the coolest summer since 1993. Still, you can rely upon the LGBT community to keep things sizzling, and August seemed to prove the point. Pride events in ReadingManchester and Brighton – to name but three – weathered the chill in the air and were as successful as ever. And, of course, we here at So So Gay were keeping ourselves busy, with a team in Edinburgh to profile the Festival, and plenty of new reviews, interviews and features popping up here, there and everywhere. Who needs a sun tan?

Now that August is just a memory, many So So Gay readers will be returning to college or university. Some might even be starting their very first year in higher or further education. It can be a daunting time; working out how to survive and socialise on a tight income, discovering first loves and coming out feature prominently in the lives of many young gay, lesbian and bisexual people in their first years away from home. With Freshers’ Week soon to plunge thousands of new students into the world of societies, unions and new friendships, it seems only fair for us to make this month on So So Gay all yours. Welcome to our ‘youth and education’ month.

We’ll take a look at how people deal with coming out in their first days at university, as well as looking at some of the support networks and societies at the UK’s biggest educational institutions. We’ll also be doing our best to let you know about the local scenes in the UK’s main university towns, and giving you tips on surviving the first, torrid few weeks of university life. As ever, we’ll also bring you our usual mix of news, reviews, features and interviews. If you’re starting at uni or college this month, drop us a line to let us know how you’re getting on – and good luck!

Andy Wasley

PS: What better time than the first day of our ‘youth’ month for So So Gay to reach its thousandth post! It’s a wonderful milestone to have reached, and so near to our birthday celebrations, too!

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