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Hullo readers! I hope you enjoyed the late summer heat. Here at So So Gay, we’ve seen it as a great opportunity to drift out into London’s parks, show some flesh and drink some Pimm’s. This can’t last; the final sting of the after-sun cream will soon be a fading memory as nights draw in and winter approaches. What better way to comfort yourself than find some of the UK’s best eateries and watering holes to enjoy some culinary fun and games?

Ardent foodies that we are, we’ve decided to make October our food and drink month. We’ve some great stories lined up, including interviews with the talented people at London’s legendary chocolatiers, Paul A Young – and some lip-licking competitions to boot. We’ll also be running our usual combination of reviews, news, features and interviews – a mix that has earned So So Gay an unexpected nomination for Publication of the Year from the LGB charity Stonewall. We hope you continue to enjoy our tender little offerings – and that you have a great October.

Andy Wasley

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